Jasmine Bannister


I'm Jasmine and I am the owner of Moving Mums. I am a fitness instructor (Jasmine Louise Dance & Fitness), primary school teacher & first time Mum to Mila!

I am super passionate about fitness and it has always been a huge part of my life. I have been an instructor in the local area for 3 years now and teach a variety of classes. Once I got pregnant, exercise was something which was very important to me and it was so beneficial to my pregnancy and birth. This meant I experienced the challenges of exercising whilst pregnant but managed to keep it up, modifying it accordingly. I also now experience first-hand the challenges of finding the time to work out with your baby but also how to exercise safely in the postpartum period. I made an amazing decision in my maternity leave to become qualified in pre & postnatal fitness as I believe every Mum should have the opportunity to exercise safely throughout their pregnancy and beyond.

I am here to provide classes where Mums can come together, get moving & feel good! Not only that, I hope that Moving Mums can be a community where we can come together and support each other with the highs (and lows!) of parenthood.
My classes are fun, inclusive and are here to support you wherever you are on your postpartum journey. I'm super excited to go on this journey with you all!